You can help young people avoid homelessness by supporting families with a studio.

Sarah became the sole carer of nine kids after taking in her niece and nephew, plus her daughter’s friend and her siblings—all in need a safe home. Her house became severely overcrowded, so the two eldest girls, aged 17 and 18, were looking to move out and fend for themselves—despite not having the money to survive on their own.

That’s when supporters like you stepped in to help these girls avoid the very real possibility of homelessness. Your generosity can help build a studio (with one or two bedrooms and a bathroom) in the backyard of homes for families like Sarah’s. The two girls were able to move into their Kids Under Cover studio and have the personal space they needed to live and study.

We’re being inundated with applications for more studios—135 distressed families are on our wait list. We’re ready to build, but we lack the funding to provide enough for everyone who needs one this winter.

Your support can help provide more studios, so families like Sarah’s can keep young people living at home—avoiding homelessness. Thank you!

“If it wasn't for Kids Under Cover, then I don't know where we'd be today. The family could be broken down and kids in foster care with people they don't know. The studio changed our lives.”Sarah, sole carer for nine children and young people

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